Building News!

8/31/16 We are having a special prayer meeting this Thursday night, 7pm at the Harvest Meetinghouse. We need to know God's purpose and see his provision as relates to us purchasing the Bean rd. building.  As many of you know, this building is the largest church building in the area, seating up to 600!. Our local congregation is currently too small to need such a large building- but we have been praying for revival, and in faith- we are looking ahead at needing more room! I believe that the enemy has been working very hard to keep us from getting that building, but that God's plan is marching forward at His pace! I believe this building will serve not only our own congregation but could house such things as: a regional venue for concerts, a call center for a new regional help ministry- which will coordinate the efforts of the body of Christ in our area to minister to the poor, the addicted and those in need of deliverance. There could be a discipleship training school, a bible school and a music and tv recording and broadcasting studio. In addition, this building could become the center of the community- A place where people are loved, ministered to, built up, and sent out to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ across our region and into all the earth! 
It's a big dream! By ourselves it is impossible-not even practical! But we are not interested in doing it by ourselves! It will be "Not by Might, Not by Power, but by my Spirit says the Lord!" And if God has chosen this, we know He will supply all the help we need to accomplish the impossible! So LET'S PRAY!!!

07/25/16  We've been meeting at the same place now for about 2 and a half years.  It's a good place, but doesn't really feel like home.  We've not been pursuing the Bean rd. building actively, but this last week it was offered to us again.  We are willing to pursue it as God directs. We are currently entering into a season of prayer with our congregation, to try to discern God's specific will in relation to this possiblity.  As soon as we hear something more, we will post it here.  Your prayers for God's will and His provision would be greatly appreciated.  In addition, please pray for God's protection from demonic forces which continually seem to attack anyone who tries to keep the enemy from claiming that location for himself.

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.


12/4/15 We continue to rent our meetinghouse from the Methodist Church next door.  The church meeting at the Bean rd. building has found financing for another year and so are planning to stay.  We continue to pray for them- and for the whole body of Christ in our area for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  The building is still for sale, but we are not actively pursuing a purchase at this time.  The Lord is leading us to concentrate on growing the families we have and to become more engaged in the mission that God has brought us here for.  Church planting is very hard work!  

8/26/15  The building that we have been renting has been sold to the Methodist Church next door.  They are happy to have us continue renting for a time until they decide what they will be doing with the building.  It is still our hope that we will be able to purchase the Bean rd. building that we've been praying for.  It is currently for sale for a high price, but we are praying for God's timing and provision.  It is our understanding that the current owner needs to sell the building by this October.  Please pray for God's specific will to be accomplished in all of this- we only want this building if God wants us there.  If not- we will need to find another facility in the Moultonborough area which will be conducive to the vision God has given us to be a visible, growing, multiplying healthy New Testament Church. A church that will bring in the harvest of souls, disciple them, and send them out to bring in more and more souls- multiplying churches througout the region and beyond.  God is the only One who can make that happen- but it is our desire to cooperate with Him fully!  

12/02/14  It appears that the church who owns the building has found a way to keep it!  Praise God for His provision for them!  The auction was cancelled and we are happy for them.  In the mean time, we are growing!  God is moving and people are going deep with God!  Who knows what God will provide for us but we know He definitely will! 

10/1/14  We just found out that the pastor of the church that currently owns the building has found a way that they may be able to keep the building and so the auction scheduled for 10/02/14 was rescheduled for 12/02/14.  If that falls through then the building will go to auction, and we could possibly purchase it then.  Please continue to pray for God's specific will to be done.  We want His will- not ours.  In the mean time-  we are continuing to work at Harvesting the Lakes Region for our Lord!  If current trends continue- we will outgrow our current meeting space- which we think is great!  May God be blessed and praised!

At this point, 9/7/14- the building is on the open market and we've refunded any donations that people wanted back or moved them to a separate account for future building needs.  

We are still hopeful that we will be able to purchase that building and that God will supply financing in His time if He desires for us to have it.  In the mean time, we are growing in the grace of God and trying to obey God in all of His commands, Loving Him above all others, loving one another, and going into the world with His message of love and redemption.  

We continue to meet and pray that God will empower us for this great work of building His Kingdom in the hearts and lives of the people of the Lakes Region.  

As of 7/30/14 The August 4 deadline for having all our financing is approaching quickly.  The bank that had led us to believe financing would be no problem has backed out and so we have no mortgage lender.  We have raised $17,000.00 toward the down payment.  It appears that unless we recieve an additional $232,00.00 between now and August 4, we will have to withdraw our offer to purchase based on our inability to procure financing. Praise God for giving us clear answers to our requests! 

This means that the building will be put on the market again to be sold.  It would be possible for us to make another offer on the building in the future, however it is likely we would need to have all finances in hand for our offer to be considered.  It is also possible that a lower purchase price could be entertained by the court, especially for a cash sale.  

From the beginning we have said and believed that the only way that we want to purchase this building was if God wants us to do so.  We know God is completely able to bring finances together instantly- and we also know that we are called to walk by faith, being diligent to do all we know to do.  

God is able to take our small amount and multiply it if He so chooses.  

It may be that God wants us to purchase the building for a lower amount and He will supply that amount in the coming days.  At this point we don't know if God is closing the door or opening a window, but one thing is for sure-  We have heard God speaking that we are to take this region for Christ.  

This is the scripture verse that God has given us for direction:

Joshua 18:3 (NIV)
3 So Joshua said to the Israelites: "How long will you wait before you begin to take possession of the land that the LORD, the God of your fathers, has given you? 

We know that Jesus Christ came to seek and save the lost.  That is what we are called to do- and it is time for each of us to to become employed in that same mission- 

So that is what we will do.  It may be that God will supply that building to us.  But whether He does or not, we are to stop waiting to do what He told us to do- and get going!  

By God's grace that is what we will do!


As of 6/20/14  Our congregation has raised $ 15,000.00 toward the $50,000.00 down payment required.  One of our members has applied for financing for what will be due after the 50K down payment.  If that financing is approved we will still need to raise the remaining $35,000.00 for the down payment plus closing costs. Obviously, even if the down payment is raised and the financing is approved, it would be far better to decrease the amount financed to zero so that there would be no mortgage payment.  We must have all of the money needed & financing by no later than August 3, 2014- preferably far sooner than that.  Our projected closing date is August 14, 2014 or sooner.

It is our desire to obey God's specific will in this.  God does not live in buildings made by people.  That is an irrefuteable fact.  So God does not need this building or any other.  It is our dream- and we believe God's desire- to preserve and restore this building for greater use for the Kingdom of God and for this community.  We hope for it to be a place of light and blessing for our entire region.  

We feel this building could be a great asset in the Kingdom of God- not just for Harvest Church.  The large auditorium is a comfortable venue for concerts and regional praise gatherings.  We want the body of Jesus Christ throughout the region to be able to use this facility for such things as conferences, meetings and ongoing prayer meetings open to all of the body of Christ!  

Though there are some negative memories for many of us attached to this building from the church split so many years ago, as well as other indescretions including the FRM situation,  we believe that God is asking us to work with Him to overcome those past hurts and restore the hearts of His people to Himself and to one another.  The purchase of this building by people from this region willing to look ahead in faith to what God has in store for us, rather than looking back at hurts and disappointments may be pivotal in displacing the power of sin and darkness that this region has been known for.  Why not believe that God can overcome the past?  Why not look ahead in faith at what God wants to do?  That is what the people of Harvest Church hope to accomplish by taking on such a huge undertaking.  We welcome those whom God has called to participate with us in this work of restoration in the Kingdom of God. 


Greetings to you in the Glorious name of Jesus Christ!


Harvest Church of the Lakes Region is a new church starting in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. and serving the communities of Moultonborough, Center Harbor, Sandwich and beyond. We are a New Testament Church, meaning we try to emulate the patterns we see in the Bible for the way we relate to one another and the world.  We do not have a single leader who directs the church- we have a leadership team that will eventually officially recognize those that God has brought among us to serve as elders.  We believe God uses a team of elders to lead the church- not a senior pastor. 

Here are two excellent papers on that subject:


Our area is filled with lakes, mountains, forests and a rich history dating back to the start of our nation.


Though every little town and village in this area has at least one church building, most of them are empty every Sunday morning. New Hampshire has the rare and sad privilege of being the 2nd least "churched" state in our country, exceeded only by our neighbor to the west, Vermont. While that may seem discouraging to the few Christians who live here, (only 2% of the population at best count) Harvest Church has decided instead to take it as a challenge!


God has often moved mightily in this area- the Northeast being the birthplace of the First Great Awakening as well as other revivals down through history. We believe God is honored when His children boldly ask Him to do great things. We are asking God to use us to bring in a bountiful harvest of new souls to the Kingdom of God- and we believe that He is going to answer!


The "fields" of the Lakes Region are " white already to harvest" and our mandate from scripture is clear- to go into all the world and preach the good news of God's love and salvation, making disciples of Jesus Christ and teaching them to obey. We believe that this mission is best facilitated through the planting of new churches.


For this reason, we have planted Harvest Church with the aim of multiplying churches throughout the entire Lakes Region. It's a huge goal. In ourselves, we are not equal to the task, but we believe that whatever God calls us to do, He will also enable us complete for His Glory.


Our first step was to begin to meet at a rented hall in Moultonborough which we have already outgrown. Now we are moving on to our second step which is to acquire a location suitable for the kind of growth we anticipate.


In pursuit of that goal we have entered into an agreement to purchase are a wonderful facility in Moultonborough that was formerly owned by Center Harbor Christian Fellowship. This facility has a meeting hall capable of seating 5-600 people, as well as class rooms, offices and adequate parking. It's assessed value is $1.4 million. We have negotiated a purchase price of $ 249,000!


For the last 20 plus years, this building and location has been dedicated to the Glory of God, constructed by, and stewarded by His people. We believe that God is a God of restoration and that He now desires to do a new work of restoration in our region through Harvest Church- restoring the hearts of God's people toward one another, and restoring a strong sense of community that is missing in so many places. We feel that by coming together and purchasing it, and not surrendering it to secular use, that God's name will be honored, and the Great commission advanced in our region.

Except for a "5 loaves and 2 fish" type of miracle, it doesn't seem that our current membership could raise enough money even for the $50,000. down payment. However we are convinced that if God wants us to take possession of this building and use it for His glory- He can easily provide for it. 


Regardless of the outcome- it is our desire to be used by God to bring His message of mercy and love to everyone.  


We invite you to ask God if you can join with us in this great mission to see the Kingdom of God restored and advanced here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.


Here is what we need:

  1. Faithful and persistent prayer support that this church plant would become very fruitful.

  2. Donations to help us purchase, renovate & furnish the building. (yes we are a tax exempt non profit corporation)

  3. Willing workers to join us and labor in sowing, tending and reaping a harvest here in the Granite State.


We are very excited to see how God is going to work and provide! If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

E mail us at or you can call us at 603-476-7037 


Thank you for considering and praying!


Harvest Church of the Lakes Region

PO Box 771 

Center Harbor, NH 03254


Harvest Church currently meets at 1026 Whittier Hwy, Moultonborough, NH 2 doors East of the Moultonborough Methodist Church and across the road from the Public Library.